Cruelty Free Makeup; Sleek Precious Metals Palette Review And Their Testing Policy.

I am a regular shopper at my local boots shop, so when a friend recommended the Sleek Precious Metals Palette I thought I had to check it out. Especially as I had never heard of the brand before and my lovely boots got a new slot for them, it was like Christmas in august! So before I rushed over to the new counter, of course I did a lil’ bit o’ research to check they were reliable and 100% cruelty free and to my absolute delight they were! (But you probably guessed that by the title) Sleek cosmetics is a drugstore brand, with really inexpensive products, I would say that they are in the middle (price wise) of drugstore brands.This means they are extremely affordable and as the brand grows and is in more and more stores the more reachable that the products will become!


I have had the highlighter palette for about a week now and it has now replaced my Barry M highlighter (click for review), which is a big thing as I have been using that highlighter for ageeeessss. It is £10.00 from Boots and the Sleek website, which I think is a really good price for four different shades. The shades are platinum, royal gold, renaissance gold and antique bronze. I have normal to dry skin so I tend to steer towards creamier products as they do wonders to my skin as they help lock in moisture throughout a busy day. This is one of the reasons this product is so great, the first three shades (in bold) are in the forms of creams and the last shade (in pink) is a powder which is also good to layer with.

The first shade, in the palette it looks pearly, but when it is blended into the skin, it becomes a lovely delicate pale pink. I have created many looks with platinum and it is great for a spring time makeup look.

My favourite highlighter is royal gold, which is the top right one, when I find myself scrolling through a celebs instagram I always become jealous of their perfect glow. Royal gold is the perfect way to achieve this glow on a budget, when it is caught by the sun my cheeks sparkle so much I LOVE IT. It is very similar renaissance gold, except it’s just a little bit darker, so I often will wear royal gold with bronzer.

Whereas I would wear renaissance gold on it’s own, as it is paler and would look gorgeous with a pink eye shadow. Out of all of the cream highlighters this is the least glittery and obvious so all though it isn’t my most favourite this would be my go to for everyday. Due to the two highlighters being very similar I sometimes blend the two together to create a more sparkly highlighter.

The last highlighter is the only powder, I can imagine wearing this on the beach as I sunbathe in the Bahamas whilst sipping on a tropical cocktail… back to planet earth. Antique bronze adds the most lovely glow to the cheek bones, I feel a bit like Queen Bee when wearing it.


I love messing around with my makeup and seeing how it turns out, so I used the three shades Platinum, royal gold and antique bronze on my eyes and I used them as eye shadow. It created a beautiful goldy look which I have been wearing three days in a row because I just love it so much. You could vamp it up a bit with eye liner and a bold lip, but for an everyday look I just fill my brows and wear it with a fluffy mascara. Royal gold is the base and I buff it all the way up near my eye brow and then if fill in the crease with antique bronze to elongate my eye line. To brighten up my eye, using platinum I blend it into the lid and tear duct. VOILA a simple easy every day look.

Are they really Cruelty Free?

On the Sleek website it was a very blunt and not very descriptive answer in their FAQ’s (which is where you tend to find the answers to our most common questions). Quite simply it wrote ‘We do not test on animals’. But after a lil’ bit o’ research I found that they;

-They do not test their products on animals themselves or using third parties.

-None of their ingredients in the products have been tested on animals

-They refuse to sell in China until they change their policies, click here for my post explaining all about China and animal testing.



All together I really love this highlighter palette and although I have only had it for one week, it has completely changed my everyday makeup look. This product is great for young girls that need a cheap makeup item that  can work in a variety of different situations and on the go! The only little improvement that I would make is the tiny brush that comes with it. Your probably wondering what brush I’m talking about, not the big one in the photos (from seventeen) the free brush that came with the palette I threw away straight away as it couldn’t even pick up the product! So Sleek cosmetics please either change the brush or simply great rid of it, but overall I love the product.

So what do you think of this product? If you haven’t already I really recommend checking it out. Make sure to subscribe to see more like this and leave me a comment down below to tell me what your favourite CF highlighters are. Click here to read more CF posts.

From Fashion With Love xoxo

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