15 Tricks The Most Fashionable People Use Everyday.

I have compiled a whole raft of tips, tricks and habits these angels use every single day to be at the top of their stylish game.  They are all easy as pie to pull off.

Recently I have been focusing the majority of my typing time to writing for my cruelty free makeup series and have been abandoning the fashion side of the blog… so BAMM I’m back. I’ve said this time and time before, and I will say it again, that the reason I love fashion and style, is because the creativity and the freed0m of it. Style allows everyone to be an individual. Sometimes it feels like the fashionista, in the images that come skipping out of fashion week (Tokyo Fashion Week roundup), know something that us mere beings don’t. So I have compiled a whole raft of tips, tricks and habits these angels use every single day to be at the top of their stylish game.  They are all easy as pie to pull off, none of them need you to necessarily buy anything new, just little things to incorporate into your daily routine and trust me, you will see a change in your style. But equally in your stress and organization levels which is always a bonus!

#1, Combine, combine and combine.

I find it so crazy when I hear that people create a uniform. It’s easy to understand that this is comfortable for some, but it just strips away all creativity. Grab all the pieces in you wardrobe and create lots and lots of combinations of outfits. Using this you will end up with loads of outfits you had never even thought of before.

#2, Dress for your body.

Dress for your body and yours alone, all the time people dress to fit in and it ends up backfiring, because the big fashion piece of the moment just isn’t for you. It’s all about breaking the mould and being an individual who looks and feels great in clothing which is right for you.

#3, Give to charity.

This might sound a bit weird, but it is my favourite tip and I try to do it as often as I can. By regularly going through your closet you will be able to decide what pieces you haven’t worn in ages. This then benefits others and means that you now have space to fill with new pieces you will actually wear.


#4, Learn how to WEEERRRKKK the camera.

The biggest culprit for giving us fashion envy is definitely the gram, the reason for this is because it is so full of fashion stars that seem to look gorgeous everyday. They do this by working the camera to the maximum, learn how to look good in pictures and you may just be a fashionista.

#5, Read, flick and browse.

Gaining inspiration for me is really important because without it I tend to get in a fashion rut and I do not progress with my style. Read magazines in the waiting room to the dentist, flick through online shops and browse in real life stores.

#6, Break the boundaries.

By just sticking to what your used to and what the trend is, you are restricting yourself so much! So smash them and break the boundaries by going to all of the shops you like and if you want to wear something that nobody else likes, who cares, you may end up being a trend setter.


#7, Consider the climate and the weather.

We all know the awful situation of being covered up in layers, when the weather suddenly changes and the sun is now beaming. All fashionista consider where they are going and what the weather will be, so this is as easy as looking up the weather forecast and hitting it up on Google maps.

#8, Accessorise like your a millionaire.

Through scrolling through hundreds of instagram and Pinterest accounts, a key pattern is the use of accessories. They range so much but they are always there, a popular one though is always the belt, my favourites are all ways the huge chunky ones. Another well loved accessory is the clutch bag, it doesn’t look like free hands are needed.

#9, Wear well tailored clothing.

Having clothing that is ill-fitting is really not appealing and definitely can destroy a look, so it is important to make sure clothing is hemmed well, especially with trousers, they shouldn’t be too long or too short just skimming the ankle if you wear heals.


#10, Do not limit yourself to certain stores.

By limiting yourself to certain stores, you thus block out so many style opportunities and stop your style from growing. So shop at as many stores you can, because this is another way to gain inspiration and be influenced by new people.

#11, They use statement pieces.

Statement pieces can be extremely scary and I often am intimidated by them too, but by using them to your advantage you can really elevate your style and outfit.

#12, Care for your clothes.

By throwing your clothes around or putting your clothes on in a rush, you can easily ruin your clothes. A lot of your pieces  may also be investments which are really important to maintain. So caring for your clothes keeps your style and brand in tip top condition.


#13, Create a signature look.

I think that this is such a natural thing, that we don’t even notice when our look or brand is formed. It is so important to experiment with our style and by doing this we subconsciously wear them similarly.

#14, Layer.

Layering is traditionally left just to winter, but it is becoming really popular all year round too! Whether that’s wearing a checked shirt around your waist or lots of necklaces, it’s another way to crest your own style.

#15, Make your outfit the night before.

For me this is the most important habit stylish people, I have used this every since I started primary school. Back then it seemed like a chore my mum would nag at me to do, but now I almost find fun out of doing it. Due to having more time to create my outfit I can create new styles  and makes wearing it much more enjoyable. Thanks Mum!

What tricks do you use everyday to keep your fashion game strong? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to see more soon. I regularly pin on Pinterest so check me out there and if you want to talk to me more personally click the e-mail button down below.

From Fashion With Love xoxo

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