Cruelty Free Makeup Review; Barry M Highlighter.

Highlighter is such a popular product at the moment, if not the most fashionable of all. I absolutely adore highlighter as I think it adds such effortless beauty in a matter of seconds and a bit of blending. This type of makeup can vary so much, not only in price, but texture and colour too. Depending on the type of skin you have means you’ll need a certain type, personally I have normal skin but love to keep my face moisturised and soft so using a cream is much better than using a powder. Whereas for someone with oily skin a powder would be better much better to counter balance it.

So I decided to make a cheeky purchase of the Barry M illuminate strobe cream highlighter in the shade frosty pink for £6. Such a bargain! I bought it in my local boots store, and I could tell straight away it would be a good buy as mine was the only one left. I have now been using the product for two weeks and it has been absolutely great and well worth the money.


I love the colour of this highlighter, it’s a little bit pinky which I adore as it adds a bit of summer to the cheeks whilst still giving you that ultimate glow. For me the texture is perfect because it keeps my cheeks hydrated which is really great if I have a day in the city where it’s extremely dry. Since using this product I feel like my whole beauty routine has changed and it is now centered around my cheeks rather than my brows.

My only problem is that it is way too chubby, I have quite a small face so it isn’t accurate enough and sometimes I feel like it can take up my whole face rather than being subtle. Due to its large size I feel that it is difficult to apply , but once it is blended in you really wouldn’t be able to tell I was using a chubby stick.

‘we’re proudly supporting Humane Society International’s global Be Cruelty-Free campaign ‘

Barry M is a huge supporter of animals and their welfare so hasn’t tested on since 1982. so it really shows that the company does it because they care for our furry friends and aren’t just  doing it to keep sales up. They are going even further and are supporting several organisations such as HSI who do fantastic work in order to raise awareness on the topic. They have a really good cruelty-free page, which gives you lots of valuable information, ways to get involved and other links. So I would really recommend checking it out and supporting them.

All in all this is a gorgeous product, the highlighter has a great shine and best of all it’s cheap. I am finding more and more products that prove going cruelty free doesn’t mean you have to give up high quality makeup. In the future I will most definitely be re-purchasing it and buying more from Barry M due to their commitment to animals and the community.

Leave a comment to tell me what Cruelty Free Products you enjoy using and don’t forget to follow to see more posts like this. Have a great week my love and stay happy.

From Fashion With Love xoxo



17 Replies to “Cruelty Free Makeup Review; Barry M Highlighter.”

  1. Never heard of this one! I’m interested in giving it a shot for myself and adding it to my kit, if I like the quality. I’m more familiar with powders, so I use my Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls highlighter. Not the most pigmented, but it still gives you a nice glow.

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