Autumn 2016 Fashion Wish List.

With out even realizing the weather has suddenly turned, instead of he shinning sun, rain is now drizzling and the days are getting shorter. But although this sounds completely miserable it means autumn is here! So leaves will start falling, candles will become a flame and chunky jumpers will appear. Along with all of that comes a whole new raft of style, as a new season comes, a new excuse to go on a shopping spree. It is time to pack away the shorts and Bardot tops and replace them with knits and coats! So I have compiled a list of my favourite pieces that have recently appeared in our favourite high street stores. Without further a do.. here is my autumn 2016 fashion wish list.


Topshop PETITE Rambler Tapestry Skirt

Price: £36.00
I am a huge fan of embroidery and it is one of my favourite trends ever! I find it so feminine and chic and everyone can pull it off as it can be used in so many different ways. This skirt is so perfect for autumn due to its rich colours and decorative leafy pattern. Because of its extra panel on the waist it will be really flattering on a variety of body types and elongate the waist.


ASOS Lira Retro T-Shirt With La Forever Pocket Print


I am seriously considering purchasing this t-shirt, it is so effortless and would be great to throw on when in a rush and still look cool. See what I did there because the shirt says cool kids… I need to stop. It’s so perfect for autumn with the yellow, I can just imagine the beautiful instagrams that it would produce. It is actually really inexpensive so I think it would be a really great buy.

balloon sleeves.PNG

Purple Balloon Sleeve Ribbed Knitted Jumper

What really attracted me to this jumper is the sleeves, weirdly enough I have never seen balloon sleeves before and I am totally in love with them. Due to the rest of the jumper being well fit and hugging the body, having large sleeves is really flattering for a silhouette. The rich plum colour is so stunning and completely perfect for autumn. I think that this jumper is really chic and would create a really lovely outfit with free flowing trousers to compliment the sleeves!

H&M Chunky-knit turtleneck jumper

When we think of autumn style, we dream about big chunky knitted jumpers that will keep us warm throughout the day. This jumper from H&M is everything and more, from Paris fashion week style icons have appeared wearing large grey turtleneck jumpers and white cigarette trousers. So with this jumper it’s our turn to try out the style! The jumper comes in a variety of colours, plum, green, pink and of course grey so you can pull off autumn style how ever you like.

ASOS Sister Jane Top £55

This is a very high end looking find, at a street price! I am a huge fan of the ruffle trend which is covering the shops currently and I am definitely not complaining! This specific item really reminds of the Alice in Wonderland tale, with the out there style of all of the characters. The sister Jane top from ASOS is made of a light material so is great to transition from not so sunny summer into warm autumn.



Military Trench Coat

Since Burberry has made its MAJOR comeback trench coats have been everywhere and to me they have become extremely irresistible. I love how quintessentially English they are, and on top of that they are also really practical when England decides to start raining cats and dogs of course! Topshop always tend to add a small detail to their products so that they still can cater for trends and style, whilst creating a little difference for themselves. SO on this coat the little difference they have added are the buckles on the sleeves. This coat is a complete staple to all wardrobes!

 H&M Printed T-shirt

Like I said earlier, recently I have been on an hunt for some vintage looking print t-shirts, so this one is so perfect. Once again it looks like a shirt that is meant to just be thrown on with no care, yet it has the ability to make you look extremely chic. Recently I have really enjoyed shopping at H&M due to their sustainability project, so it gets even better when the shirt is so inexpensive.

Topshop Pinspot Palazzo Trousers

This is probably my most out there pick for autumn, and honestly it is way more spring like than autumn but I just really loved it, so I thought I would it deserved a place on the list. For short people like myself you’d definitely have to wear it with a killer pair of heels so that you don’t end up looking like an oompa loompa! What I love most about this pair of trousers are the polka dots, because of how small they are, they are just lovely little detail.

Cable-knit jumper

This jumper is very similar to the turtleneck one above, but it is autumn so of course I can’t resist a lovely big warm jumper. This one is a bit more pricey mainly due to it being thicker with the cable knit which is great for both autumn and winter, see it can last longer!


College Spliced T-Shirt

I saved the weirdest til’ last, it may not be the most fashion forward purchase, but in a way that is kind of what I love about it. I’ve never seen a t-shirt like this before. It’s from Topshop of course and is really inexpensive, so for a bit of a weird item it’s great so why not get it?!
I absolutely love my top ten picks, they’ve really got me into the autumn spirit and I’m ready to start taking pictures of leaves and boots! What are you most excited about for autumn? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.
From fashion with love xoxo
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