Cruelty Free Series

Cruelty Free Makeup Series

The series to help you convert to cruelty free makeup and save animals lives easily. Honest reviews of cruelty free products and posts on organisations that are making waves in this movement.

I am passionate that all make-up should 100% cruelty free and no animals should be harmed in the process. That means no animals have been involved in the production or design of the product. It is crucial that we stop this barbaric process now. If we all simply all change the contents of our makeup bags the big brands will be forced to change their ways. Why should a rabbit or guineua pigs value less than a humans, well they shouldn’t so we need to stop.

So as my way of contributing I have decided to create a series all about the topic to help guide you into having a cruelty free make up bag, before we know it no brands will test at all. This series will include reviews, lists of brands that test and don’t, organisations that are making the world a better place and general guides. This page will continuously be updated as change in the area takes place and I write more posts. It would be great for you to make a change, I am still learning and it would mean so much to me if you could join me on the journey. Reblog, research and leave comments down below, if you would like to contact me privately let me know down below!

Here are a list of websites you should check out as well;

  • Cruelty Free Kitty– This is a fantastic blog which has lots of lists of products and other bloggers.
  • Leaping Bunny- The symbol you can truly trust that tells you what you are buying and no animals have been tested at all throughout.
  • Cruelty Free International– The superhero organisation that is really making a difference, get involved in so many ways.


The series itself;

Cruelty Free Makeup: Brands that don’t test.

List Of Brands That DO Test On Animals.

Cruelty Free International.

Cruelty Free Series; The China Loop Hole.



Cruelty Free Makeup Review: Soap and Glory Eyeliner


Cruelty Free Makeup Review; GOSH Mascara.


Cruelty Free Makeup Review; Barry M Highlighter.


Cruelty Free Make-up Review: Tanya Burr Lip Gloss.


Cruelty Free Makeup; Sleek Precious Metals Palette Review


Cruelty Free; Sleek Liquid Lipstick Review.

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18 Replies to “Cruelty Free Series”

  1. I had a guinea pig in the past, and I cant put it in words how much I love him. Its sad they are used for testing and experimenting. They are so cute and adorable. Its really sad. Cruelty free stuff should be promoted.

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