Cruelty Free; Sleek Liquid Lipstick Review.

In the dictionary Sleek is defined as being graceful and smooth, the cosmetics company have a wide range of shimmering and glossy products which I tend to find myself drawn to when out shopping. I recently made a post on the highlighter palette, which I was in love with, and it has maintained one of my staples since. So I had high hopes for the Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks, in the shade Vino Tinto. For a while now, I have been on the hunt for any lip product that was perfect for the colder nights, so I was very happy when I saw this lipstick for only £4.99!

In my opinion the bottle is very mediocre, I feel like I have seen it done over and over again. With a rectangular shape, matte black head and a see through plastic body to see the product. Overall when holding it, it feels inexpensive but to be fair the price is extremely low, and I don’t think that you’d be able to find a product that inexpensive with a luxurious feel to it.


What really drew me to lipstick was the deep red berry shade, it is perfect for both autumn and winter, most specifically for Christmas!

*Starts singing Michael Bublé songs*

 It makes me feel warm and ready to tuck up under a blanket by the fire. The colour ‘Vino tinto’ is perfect for pictures as it just shoots perfectly, adding a pop of colour and by being matte there is no shine from flash (perfect for an instagram). For some reason it reminds me of Snow White and the apple she bit, Oops that was a Disney fan girl moment, but you get what I mean! But all in all I am in love with the rich red shade.

The wand… no the applicator, is of a medium length, which personally for me is not the best. I am absolutely rubbish at applying lipstick so having a short and stubby applicator to help me out. The product dry’s reasonably quickly so it is great for quick touch up throughout the day. General application I’d say is easy and can be done quickly as the nib of it is at a angle so is great to outline the shape of your cupids bow without going over and looking like you’ve snuck into your mums makeup box. For everyday use I wouldn’t say that you’d need to use a lip liner, due to it being such a rich, dark shade. But if you were having a night out, lip liner would definitely escalate the look.


When reviewing this product, I need to remember that it was really inexpensive, with that in mind the durability is really great. It is an extremely long lasting product all in all and could easily last the day with out lots of touch ups, although this is a blessing, it really is a pain when it comes to taking it off as it is so stubborn. On the other hand though, through general wear I do experience little bits of crumbliness, which is annoying but once again it was inexpensive. Unfortunately it is drying so after wearing it I have to slaver on the lip balm, but I have found that most lipsticks tend to be drying as well.

How cruelty free are they? On the Sleek website it was a very blunt and not very descriptive answer in their FAQ’s (which is where you tend to find the answers to our most common questions). So I have e-mailed them and I’m waiting for a response.Quite simply it wrote ‘We do not test on animals’. But after a lil’ bit o’ research I found that they;

-They do not test their products on animals themselves or using third parties.

-None of their ingredients in the products have been tested on animals

-They refuse to sell in China until they change their policies, click here for my post explaining all about China and animal testing

Over all I do like this liquid lipstick, by Sleek, the shade is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve received many a compliments over it. For the price it really is an amazing product, especially with how long lasting it is. To sum it all up, the negatives are that for those who are not lipstick aficionado’s it is difficult for complete accurate application and over time you may experience little bits of crumbles, so avoid wearing it for meals. But if you are in my position and want a lipstick for this season that looks fire for photos then this is the one for you!

Let me know if you have tried this product out before and what your fave liquid lipstick is! Make sure to comment and subscribe so that I can check out your blog and support each other. Hope your having a fantastic weekend.

From Fashion With Love XOXO

28 Replies to “Cruelty Free; Sleek Liquid Lipstick Review.”

  1. I found that I really didn’t get along with these lipsticks. They were too drying for me. But my lips are always gross and chapped so finding a liquid lipstick that doesn’t suck the moisture out is really difficult. Loved the review though, I love how you lay display your photos! You’ve inspired me to be more conscientious about my blog photography! 🙂

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  2. I have the same type of liquid lipstick, except mine is a different shade, ‘Bittersweet’. Thanks for reviewing it!! I would really appreciate it if you took a look at my blog, since I am a new blogger. Thank you so much!!

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  3. You erased my comment because I was writing the true review on my Sleek lipsticks. That sucks. I am dissapointed by bloggers false posts like this. Keep on going like this ;).
    Much love honey, and still that lipstick sucks!
    Have a nice day


    1. I hadn’t erased it, I just hadn’t approved it as I hadn’t been on my computer at that point. I really appreciate you commenting and taking the time to read my post xx I was honest and always am about the products I review, we just have had different experiences.

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      1. Yea it might dissapear but I didn’t have nice experiance withe these liquid lippies. And I am sorry that I tought that you erased the comment 🙂 but I read all of your posts and I find this one not the same experience like mine. And I love different toughts about make up 🙂 I just wrote nice review come to my blog and look for my experience with Sleek liquid lippies :-).


  4. I have tried it. I have 2 shades and I have review on them. Come and see. I don’t want to tell you all. Only that I didn’t enjoy them and I don’t wear my 2 shades often. They are crumbiling and patchy and streaky (Birthday suit and Party Pink). And there are much more better drugstore lippies in my opinion. But I have whole post dedicated to these Sleek lippies.

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