Cruelty Free International.

Cruelty Free International are making a difference. They are the leading organisation that are changing peoples views everyday and all their work is paying off alongside our efforts too. Their aim is to create a world were there is nobody who feels the need to test on animals. CFI are supported by celebrities who help bring light on the situation, educating the beauty industry, campaigning and carrying lots and lots of research. In this post we will be discussing the organisation, what they do,  who supports them and what we can do to get involved. So sit comfortable, grab a cup of tea and let’s get educated!


What Do Cruelty Free International Do?

They Campaign. 115 million animals are tested on each year around the world and CFI are campaigning in so many different ways to decrease and abolish this number. Creating petitions for us to get involved in, pressuring the government and businesses to make a change. Since their research into international trade of monkeys, several airlines now refuse to transport monkeys for research purposes. Encouraging us to make a difference is a huge act, through celebrities and social media, the organisation are getting us to like at our products in a different perspective. In 2011 72% were against using animal tested products and since then the number must have increase.

They Investigate. I’m crying… I have been researching the work that they do. Horrifying activities take place that CFI  capture, seeing it devastates me and spurs me on to do more, it angers and disgusts me. The animal testing sector has become increasingly private, so what really goes on can be a real mystery. So as the superheroes they are, CFI go undercover and find out what really goes on. What they discover is truly horrifying, but by doing so it forces company’s are governments to dispose of the barbaric testing.

They work together. Don’t you just love it when all your favourite people work together and make beautiful thing happen! Cruelty Free International have collaborated with several of my favourite brands to create great products and raise money/awareness. Such brands include the body shop, campaigns were held throughout the world, even in Canada-Korea!

-They Challenge Those In power. With help of passionate people they oppose nations who have awful laws in place that allow animal experimenting and testing. They create positive change and encourage it in a kind and rational way.

-They Research. This in my opinion is the area that is most important as it will create the most change. It is the evidence that will encourage change, the research carried develops alternatives to using animals. These include human volunteers, computer and tech models, human tissue cells and cell cultures. All which are better as no-one is harmed or put at risk.

Who Supports Them?

In the modern day and age we are completely and utterly in love with celebrities and tend to be influenced by them. So huge huge smiles always take over my face when I hear of a new celebrity supporting animal cruelty. Such a variety of celebs support this outstanding organisation, helping to shine light on the crucial problem. These include;

  • Vanessa-mae, global ambassador.
  • Peter Dinklage, game of thrones star ( Favourite character EVER)
  • Kunal Nayyar, actor on big bang theory.
  • Mayim Bialik, American sitcom actress.
  • Joanna Lumley, actress supporting end of animal tested botox.
  • Ricky Gervais, comedian and huge advocator for the charity.
  • Paul Mc cartney, singing legend.
  • YOU, you can make a difference…

What Can We Do?

It is equally our responsibility, to do everything we humanly possibly can to have a kind cf world as soon as possible. There are so many ways so you can’t possibly not get involved! They range from a couple of clicks to making your voice heard.

-Get spending. You can’t ever go wrong with a little shopping trip. Buy products from cruelty free brands, check out my list. Buy products that donate certain amounts to animal charity’s. But best of all buy merchandise from the organisations and campaigns themselves that spread awareness.

-Speak up. Do exactly what you are reading… blog. I always find it so exciting reading as well as writing posts about ending animal testing, so get writing. Make a pledge, give others the confidence that you will go cruelty free, these petitions are a large contributing factor to political changes. Write letters and e-mails, I regularly get in contact with brands that test and governments to urge them to make a change. One little letter may not do much difference but if more and more people wrote a letter change will begin.


-Donate. This is another easy way to do your duty. Offer as much or as little as you can, no donation is too small. The money that you offer can save a helpless animals life.

-Go Cruelty Free With Leaping Bunny. This is what my blog is about, change your makeup collection and you will make a bigger difference than you think. By not buying from cruel company’s that test you are not encourage their practice and they will be forced to be different. Moreover buying products from cruelty free brands you are giving them business and the opportunity to grow. It’s not hard, go cruelty free.

Please Please support the inspiring Cruelty Free International, I cannot enfacise enough how crucial their work is. The aim of this post is to show you just how easy it is to get involved, to save animals lives. It means so much to me if you leave feedback in the comments and most importantly visit Cruelty Free International and do as much as you can. If you would like to contact me click here.

From Fashion With Love. xoxo

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