Why should only shop online at ASOS.

Online shopping can be so extremely frustrating, it is so hard to find the perfect outfit when there are millions of possible outfits to choose from, the struggle of choice! But ASOS was recommended to me through several friends and ever since I have been hooked, it is now the only place I shop online. There is simply no need to go anywhere else and waste hours of my life away. Todays post includes the five reasons ASOS beats all and my pick for what I’ll be wearing this summer.

1.Amazing Returns and delivery.

Delivery is completely free… free, how great is that. Not many brands offer this incredible service which is another reason this brand is so incredible. Moreover returns is just as amazing, free and easy as pie. All you have to do is shove it back in the bag, fill in the form (comes with) saying what’s wrong with it and drop it in the post box and all is well in the world.

  1. Range Of Styles.

Like I said above, several friends recommended ASOS to me, all of which have completely different styles, sporty, hipster, girly. My style is boho and feminine, and it caters for us all, maybe a bit too well as we are constantly buying from them, eek! On the website they have some trend categories which are great for those who follow trends and don’t have time to spare.

  1. Suits All Body Shapes.

There is nothing worse than ordering a piece that you are so excited about and then trying it on and having pieces of the outfit  in the completely wrong places. Obviously this is still possible, but ASOS has a range of lines so everybody can feel perfect, these include, petite, curve, plus size and tall. There are a lot of pieces which come in all of the ranges so you can wear all the outfits you like!

  1. Affordable

No matter how full your purse is ASOS has something for you, I really love the website because of how large and different their stock is. Pricing can go from £20 to £300, so I always find something I simply NEED. Even the cheaper products have such a luxury feel and look to them so I never feel out of place wearing my latest order to a nice dinner.

  1. They support smaller labels.

My favourite place on the website is the marketplace as this is where I find more individual pieces that my friends definitely don’t have and it means an awkward outfit clash is out of the picture. In this part of the website you are likely to find more bargains, so its perfect for when you are on a budget. Also if you are a jewellery lover it is right up your street as there is a wide variety of indie designs.

Onto my top 5 picks for the summer, all are under £50, so they are suitable for any budget;

Boohoo Petite Embroidered Denim Shorts


ASOS Sundress in Tropical Floral Print



ASOS Embroidered Premium Lace Insert Blouse



Noisy May Distressed Fitted Denim Jacket



                              ASOS Jumpsuit with Ruffle Off Shoulder Detail in Floral Print


What is your favourite website to shop with? What is your favourite piece from the five?

Let me know in the comments and I always love feedback!


From Fashion With Love. xoxo


*This is not sponsored, this is all my own opinion

8 Replies to “Why should only shop online at ASOS.”

  1. 2 days ago i ordered on asos for the first time and i am happy to see a good article about them.. i found the site and the clothes really good so i hope that i will be happy when i will receive the clothes.. thanks 🙂

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