Cruelty Free Review; Josh Wood Hair Treatment.

I know I shouldn’t, but I straighten my hair so often, almost every other day! Last month I really started to see the effects that this was having on my hair (even though I was using heat-protection spray), my ends were becoming dry and even starting to split. Which is never a good sign. Then by chance, I started to use ‘Radiant Shine’ hair treatment by Josh Wood, and since then my hair has never been better. I started to use this when I received a small testing size bottle in an M&S beauty advent calendar. Since I ran out of that, which lasted about two weeks, I have bought it again and the full size!


The hair oil is perfect for vegans and vegetarians, of course with it being cruelty free! I have found it quite difficult to actually get my hands on the product unfortunately. I looked in three average sized M&S’ before I had to go to a flagship store to be able to find the oil. All in all it was worth spending the time looking for the product, but it’s such a great product that it should be in more shops!

The packaging is extremely simple and sleek, I think that it would be nicer if there was a bit more extravagance surrounding it but then the packaging represents the affordable price. Although I am a fan of the applicator, having an eye dropper takes it so easy to apply, especially along the hair line. It is really précised which means that the areas with the most damage can get the care needed and just speeds up the process further! I know that this is really ‘nit picky’ but I wish that the eye of the applicator was bigger as I like to use a lot of the product, especially on the ends.

I really like the actual product, like I said earlier on it has made such a big difference to the overall condition of my hair. Once I’ve styled my hair once using this I feel like the women in the shampoo adverts, swishing my hair about. The biggest change that I have seen is to the ends of my hair, they are much more moisturised which is so needed with the temperature at the moment being so low. These positive effects still happen when I use heat on it, which is so great as every other day I straighten my hair, the serum seems to help combat the damage of heat (from my point of view).

For the full sized bottle, 48ml, it is only £12.50! I am comparing this product with other hair serums, which can get so pricey, and this is one of the cheapest that I have found. When looking for a treatment for my damaged hair, most serums were around £20, so this little gem is a bargain! If you were using this every other day I’d say that it would last you about two months or even more. 2+ months of shiny ‘swishy’ hair for £12.50 is really impressive.

The ‘Cruelty free-ness’

These are the status’ that are on the M&S website for the product;

  • Made in UK
  • Made with integrity. Neither this product nor its ingredients have been tested on animals
  • Made in Eco-Factory

This is pretty trust worthy and it’s made in an eco-factory, how great is that! But to be sure 100%, just turn around the product and there is the leaping bunny logo. The leaping bunny logo is the internationally recognised logo that shows that the product is completely cruelty free and that there was no form of animal testing at any point in the production and design of the product.


Overall I definitely recommend ‘Radiant Shine’ hair treatment by Josh Wood , I have seen a complete transformation in the quality and condition in my hair. Apart from the difficulty of actually getting the product I have really enjoyed using it, especially as it is a repeat purchase! Have you tried it out before? If so let me know down below, or tell me what your favourite hair treatment is!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you have a great day!

From Fashion With Love xoxo






7 Replies to “Cruelty Free Review; Josh Wood Hair Treatment.”

  1. That looks like an amazing hair treatment, I’m currently using the Derma E Skin, Hair and Nail oil for my hair and it does help a bit. If I could somehow find this here in the states that would be awesome.

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  2. I am also experiencing extremely dry ends even though I rarely heat style my hair. I am definitely going to look into this brand and particularly this serum since it has helped you achieve that “swishing movement” which I long for😊
    Loved the Review hon!!

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