5 Free Activities To Do In December.

In December I always feel a pinch in the pocket, and  I am struggling to find cheap things to do. I have already done damage when Christmas shopping, finding sparkly outfits for new years and of course buying Christmas presents for loved ones. So for the past two weeks I have kept a note of activities I have been doing where I have spent very little or none at all! They all have created wonderful warm memories that are perfect for the tinsel season and can be done with friends and family around to make the time, just that extra bit special. All of the activities are free, but all can be done spending money too.

1.Christmas Fairs (Free)

At this time of year, there are so many fairs and markets popping up all over the place! Most fairs are completely free to enter, so if you just want to do a bit of ‘window-shopping’ then this is the perfect place to go. Many fairs sell hand made craft items, so if you are on a budget for Christmas presents you can get great DIY inspiration. It is really easy to find a local Christmas fair as lots of schools host them, and there are also markets in your local centres too. To find one, have a flip through your areas newspaper.


  2. Help out at a Local charity (Free)

Christmas time is a perfect time to help out in the community. For a lot of people, this will be hard to do mainly down to time, but for those who have the time to spare it is a great thing to do. At this time of year many charity’s are in need of extra help, for example homelessness charity’s. This year at Christmas in the UK 120,000 children will be homeless, (shelter).

3. Girls Night In (Free)

This is my favourite activity to do all year round, but some how, with the tree up and tinsel hanging, it becomes all the more special. Throw on your favourite Christmas film, my absolute favourite is the Grinch, pair this with a hot chocolate sprinkled with marshmallows and you are all set. If you have a fire, make sure to light it and warm your feet  on it, or make them snuggly and warm with a pair of fluffy socks, I am slightly ashamed of my fluffy sock collection, it seems to be growing and growing. If you feel like getting some jobs done as well, you could all write your Christmas cards together, getting work done whilst having fun! Makes it feel so much quicker.


4. Christmas photo-shoot.(Free)

Grab a friend, your phone or a camera and find a Christmassy backdrop. I love to find a park or a forest at this time or year. It is a really fun activity to do and you’ll have loads of pictures to look back on and remember Christmas 2016. Other places to go would be a Christmas fair, Christmas tree farm, A coffee shop (with cute coffee cups), a coloured wall and you could even take nice pictures in your bedroom! Whatever you feel comfortable with.

5. Scrap booking (Free)

This is my favourite activity of the lot and the scrapbook can become something that you will cherish for years to come. I have scrapbooked for years now and others love to flip through them, to see everything that I’ve got up to. But WARNING it can be embarrassing if they come across pictures of your awkward phase! If you have a polaroid to hand, snap some of them with your friends and stick them, I love the affect they have, it makes the scrapbook pages feel so homely. Scrap booking is a really creative way to document everything.

I hope this was helpful! I really would like to hear what cheap activities you do this season, as I’ll try them out. Leave a comment down below and subscribe so that I can check your blog out. I hope that you are all having a fantastic December.

From Fashion With Love xoxo

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