Are Bert’s Bees Cruelty Free?

Burt’s Bees has always been recognized for being cruelty free and that has been a point which has been celebrated and has attracted lots of customers because of it. Recently in the cruelty free community I have seen Burt’s Bee’s everywhere and it made me really confused. Because ever since I threw out all of my tested products I have heard they were 100% cruelty free, so what’s going on?! So I have done some research and have been a bit shocked with what I found out.

So all those years ago, back in 2006 Burt’s bees was their own little company, then fast forward a year to 2007, they are not. In 2007 they were bought by a big company called Clorox, they are a big American cleaning product brand that also own make-up brands too. They publicise their campaign for clean water but not animal well-fare. This is because they test their products on animals, and are fairly open about it. From this you are probably thinking that Burt’s bees now automatically also test on animals and are evil! But that isn’t the case… well, at least at the moment. Even when they had been taken over by Clorox, they maintained cruelty free and didn’t test on animals for their products or ingredients, which is all marvellous?

Well this is an age old debate, even if a company doesn’t test on animals couldn’t they still be supporting animal testing if they are owned by a company that tests.

You see this is down to your own opinion, Burt’s bees in 2007 was still technically cruelty free and was certified and all. But a certain percentage of their profits will go to Clorox and in turn support their ethics. It is purely down to your decision.

Before you read the rest I would recommend reading up on this post, to fully understand.

Time to get down to business… the unfortunate reason that Burt’s Bees have been in the news recently is due to the fact that they now sell in China. Now this is BIG news as it means legally they have to test their products on animals, before it can enter the shelves in mainland China. This news really upset me because I always believed that the company was incredibly ethical and kind but those beliefs are being doubted by these thoughts.

But they have been trying to get around these testingĀ  policy’s, so far they have got around the law which means that they have to test in order to stock their products in mainland China, which is pretty great! Although.. any of their products can lawfully be taken and tested on animals. So what do you think about all of this?? In my opinion I would say that they are not cruelty free as there is the possibility their product may be tested. At the moment we just have to wait and see the outcome, you never know they may pull their products from China like the body shop did.

I’m really interested in your thoughts on this matter? So make sure you let me know in the comments and make sure to subscribe. If you know any more on this topic make sure to e-mail me!

All of my cruelty free post’s in one place.

From Fashion With Love xoxo

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9 Replies to “Are Bert’s Bees Cruelty Free?”

  1. I’ve been watching for more updates on Burt’s Bees going to China as well. For me, a brand is not cruelty free if it sells in China, period. So sadly, my last two BB’s purchases will be my last. Another one bites the dust.

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  2. Yeah I had to stop buying Burt’s as well which was such a bummer bc I loved their chapsticks. I stopped once clorax bought them but I know a lot of people stuck by them hoping to show Clorax how well a crueltyfree line could be… It was pretty heartbreaking to see them start to market in China after their efforts šŸ˜¦

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