How To Paint A Stunning Moon With Watercolours For Beginners.

A full rundown of how to perfect  a stunning watercolour moon, for everyone, even those who have never picked up a paint brush before.

Watercolours are all over the blogging stratosphere, so I bet that at least once you have wondered how you could do it. Am I right? In the last month I have come really far with my skills, before that I had never even touched a pallet before, so that shows anyone can do it. I really gained inspiration from Pinterest as there are so many talented artists who are doing some really intricate work which is absolutely breath-taking. Before I start anything I always Google it, this may be a bit weird but I do this so I can get that kick I need to keep me motivated, this means that in the back of my head I always have the mental image of where I could get to.

The first thing I ever painted was a BIG circle… how mind blowing. But this just taught me how to actually hold the brush, how much water is needed or how much paint. It really is the first stepping point. Then I developed the big circle further by adding in other shades and colours, which really makes the big difference. Today I will be giving you a full rundown of how to perfect  a stunning watercolour moon, for everyone, even those who have never picked up a paint brush before.


 What you will need;

  • Some paper, preferably watercolour paper or just thick paper.
  • Watercolour paint palette.
  • A thin paint brush (normally they come with the palettes).
  • A pencil and a compass.
  • A tissue.


Step 1: This is by far the easiest part, but unfortunately it may give you unforgiving flashbacks to maths class. Simply with your paper, pencil and compass, draw the most beautiful, even circle you have ever seen. If it does get messed up don’t worry it’s not a big deal because after all it will just be rubbed out at the end.

step2.jpgStep 2: Nextly (my new word), dip your thin paint brush into your water and rub it into your desired paint. If you want a really weak colour use lots of water and hardly rub it into the paint, but if you would like it strong then tap the majority of the water off the brush and rub it a lot with the paint. Then in the circle quickly do a random wiggle or line, anything really!

step 3.jpg

Step 3: Now you need to just build up the circle using a variety of shades, to make it look the best you need to be able to blend them easily. To do this working fast is important so that the paint doesn’t dry easily. If you want to push yourself or you’ve done it before, use different colours that compliment each other well, there will be examples further down.

step 4.jpg

Step 4: This is my favourite technique to completely change a piece. If the paint is still dry or if there is an excess of water, then grab a little tissue and dab it over the area. I love this because it adds an extra texture to piece and changes the colours, from a piece being dark to really light.

step 5.jpg

Step 5: Your nearly all done once all of the paint is on, all dry and it’s just how you want it. Finally using a sneaky little rubber remove the faint pencil lines around the edges that you used to guide you. Once that’s all done your finally complete, you can go further by putting other things on tip. I regularly draw some calligraphy on top, you could also do some little drawings or doodles, I’ve also seen people using stickers and washi tape with their watercolours, which I think is really fun. I have done a variety of watercolour moons, I prefer the ones where I haven’t stuck to a solid circle and have just gone with it!


Since picking up this hobby I have really seen a difference in the way I paint, I by far not talented but I enjoy it a lot and spend most evenings scarring  my desk with water colours. The blogging world really loves watercolours and I can see why! They are so fun and you honestly can do so much with them, what can you guys do with them? Have you guys ever water coloured before?

Let me know in the comments and make sure to follow to see more like this! I have also really gotten into Pinterest so click the button down below and if you would like to contact me more personally click the e-mail. That’s all…..

From Fashion With Love xoxo

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