Love reading? A reading list for your summer holiday.

Everyone has a slump in the middle of the year, when they have given up on their new years resolutions, even book lovers! As the summer holidays are quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to spread inspiration to pick us all up out of our holes and get going again at our booklist. The best way I find to get back into it again is to either read the first book on the list (the best) or to buy/borrow a whole new stack of books and get reading. No excuses, half an hour before bed crack open the book or even better read whilst your sun-bathing on your summer holiday!

#1, Me Before You. Jojo moyes

This is by far one of my favourite books, 5stars! I had tears rolling down my cheeks both full of joy and laughter and then of course absolute devastation. A tragic yet uplifting story that I read within an extremely busy week and loved every second of it. I personally think that this is a good days read wherever you are on your summer holidays and a number one to add to your list!

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#2, One by Sarah Crossan.

My friends have absolutely adored this book, they thought it was completely out of the ordinary. Not just the story line about the troubled conjoined twins and their experience through secondary school, but the way it is written as a series of poems. Personally I didn’t enjoy this style as I found instead of really focusing on the words I was just flipping pages the whole time. But for those who want a speedy book to read on a plane journey it’s perfect.

#3, The Twilight Saga. Stephenie Meyer

Now, now many of you will be rolling your eyes at me. I’M SORRY. But I truly can’t deny it, this series of books is so amazing and gripping! I fell in love with this series of books almost instantly whilst away on holiday, the sun dripping onto your skin and then with the vampire/love story, what more can a girl want?! If you are in a hole, I really recommend The Twilight Saga, just give it a chance and you will not regret it.


#4, Fan Girl. Rainbow Rowell

I haven’t read this book yet and I am literally kicking myself, I’ve been meaning to read it since January, what is wrong with me? It is about a girl and her experience with writing online fan fiction and the love that those two characters in the fandom have. It sounds like a description of everyday modern life and I must read it.

#5, The School for good and Evil. Soman Chainani

I read this series over the last summer holiday and I read the books in a flash. They were so fascinating and I found it difficult to tear my self away from it at night. It is the story of two girls from a village and their experience at… you guessed it, the school for good and evil. It isn’t a light hearted book but for those who love TV series like Once Upon A Time.

So what book from this list are you going to scribble onto your reading list for the summer holiday? But what books should I add onto my list, tell me down below and make sure to subscribe to see more posts like this. If you would like to contact me on a more private note, click here.


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