Cruelty Free Makeup Review; GOSH Mascara.

I really need to stop shopping, I just simply can’t stop buying makeup. I have an addiction. HELP! I am becoming more and more engrossed in the CF community, it is common to find me scrolling through the internet looking for new blogs and brands in the middle of the night. But it always gets me thinking that the longer that I stay up, it means more and more people are becoming aware about the topic and talking about it. Now on to the actual post…

GOSH is my go to makeup brand, it is affordable, long lasting and of course once again affordable. But I really struggle to find mascaras that are cruelty free and still give length and build that I need. So when I saw a mascara called amazing length and build I thought my dreams had come true. Unfortunately not.


For £1.80 I thought I’d spotted an extreme tracers. A cruelty free product (not vegan), that’s so cheap and meant to be amazing, what could go wrong? The answer is everything. It doesn’t have any link or build and it is far from amazing. I found that the mascara instead of lengthening the lashes has no affect and instead of building them up, they clump together and made my eyes look like black holes. I mean if that’s your look, then this product is for you.

I’ve been wanting to give this mascara a chance though, so I’ve been trialling it for a couple of weeks and have found that pairing it with a thicker mascara, it works as a fantastic base layer. So if placed underneath another, it does fulfil the brief of length and build. I think that pairing two products is a great process for people who have the time to spare in the morning, as it can really make a difference to the overall finish, but for the majority that have five minutes top to cover their face it just isn’t do-able.

Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Some of COSH cosmetic products are in fact completely vegan friendly and contain absolutely no animal derived products. But you need to be extremely careful because not all of the are vegan, they do have a list of all of their vegan products but to access it you need to contact them via email. or click here to see the PDF version.

On the brighter side though all of their products are cruelty free, below is the statement they released; GOSH Cosmetics does not use animals to test any of our products or ingredients. Neither do we commission others to perform animal tests. Moreover it is prohibited by European law to test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals.

GOSH is also PETA approved which is great but not 100% reliable, unfortunately it is not leaping bunny certified which is 100% reliable. PETA has a much more weaker process for company’s to apply for, where as leaping bunny is much more thorough with their investigations.


  • Obviously it’s a cruelty free makeup brand, no animal is hurt or inhumanely treated.
  • It is great for those who have a long makeup routine.
  • Great base layer.


  • It doesn’t fulfil its name.
  • It makes the lashes clumped together.
  • Personally the mascara is too dark for my lashes.
  • The wand is too thin and doesn’t give enough volume.
  • Not leaping bunny certified.

Have you ever tested this mascara before? If so what do you think? Also I’m looking for new mascaras so if you have any recommendations let me know. If you want to contact me personally for questions or anything really click here. Make sure to comment and subscribe for more.

From Fashion With Love xoxo


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