24 Hours Without Technology.

Why could I possibly want to be away from technology for a whole day? Leaving the world behind and completely disconnecting. I have found myself become more and more attached to my phone, I reach to it when I am bored, when I am tired, even when I’m having a great day out. It’s awful, on average we spend a third of our day awake on our phones, on  average 3 1/2-4 hours a day!

So I am planning to carry out a whole 24 hours without using any technology- this includes tablets, TV’s, phones and computers. I’ll be completely disconnected and I really can’t wait for it. The idea of being productive, when I think about it I waste so much time scrolling through the latest posts on Instagram and it’s awful for me. I’m looking forward to talking to people. Like actually to their faces.


What I won’t be looking forward to is that I will become anxious, what am I missing out on? Has a group chat blown up and I’m not their? What if someone’s texted me? The fear, this is a prime example of first world problems! Also I won’t be able to catch up on my latest box sets, bye bye game of thrones.

Over time I would like to lengthen my time without mainly my phone and to decrease my addiction with it. Imagine if I went a whole week without it! That would probably be my ultimate aim. But here are the scientific reasons I won’t to have a divorce from my phone:

It changes our perception on time.

Ever felt that you just woke up and it’s two in the afternoon. That’s because technology changes the way we view time so it feels like it’s going past quicker.

We become stressed and then in turn horrible to those around

By constantly being attached to technology we never get to relax and detach so we are always thinking about work or what others life’s are like.

We become forgetful

… what was that. Maybe a reason you’re doing badly at school is you are always on your phone. As we are constantly on our phones so much information goes into our brains, which means a little battle goes on in your head so you remember different information.

Bad posture

Now for some this isn’t a  bad thing, but as the younger generations grow old, it will have a terrible affect on the health systems as many of us will develop back and kneck problems as we are constantly looking down at our phones.

So do you suffer from the addiction? Do you need to take a break?

Let me know

From Fashion With Love xoxo


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