Why I Hate Kankens.

Say hello to my Kanken backpack, in black and ox red. It is a NIGHTMARE. I bought it last December at a hefty price of £67.00 and I would say it is worth around £15. In my opinion Kanken backpacks are just a fashion that need to stop. Now.


1. They are almost impossible to wash.

It is made of viylon f material, which is scratchy and stains/marks easily. Even thought it is in black! After a week my bag was scarred all over and they just don’t come out. Kankens have to be washed by hand but it doesn’t actually remove marks and it can only be washed in the machine on a low temperature (fades the colour).

2. Not suitable for sleeveless t-shirts.

In the summer I like to wear vests and sleeveless t-shirts and Kanken’s just aren’t okay with this. Because of the scratchy handles they itch and can leave red marks on your shoulders. They generally just hurt my shoulders, so only wear Kanken’s in the winter.

3. They really aren’t special.

They claim to be good for the back and to be fair I haven’t experienced any back problems whilst it has been in use. But any other back pack will do the same job, in my opinion back packs can only ever be bad for you if they are too heavy.

4. Just a fashion.

I’m guilty in this case of following the fashion, ahhhh, and I regret it massively. If they hadn’t been plastered all over urban outfitters, I wouldn’t have even given them the time of day. They are just another back pack, they are just ANOTHER fashion fad.


+ They make instagram pictures look good.

+ Love the pockets on the side and front.

To round it all up, I don’t recommend Kanken rucksacks. They are another of the thousands and hundreds of expensive fashions which will (unluckily) be over before you even know it. So what do you think, do you love it or hate it? Is it marmite?

From Fashion With Love xoxo


4 Replies to “Why I Hate Kankens.”

  1. I like how honest is your post. To be honest I was wondering, what is so special about these backpacks and I ma glad I have stopped myself from buying one. 🙂
    Have a lovely day 🙂

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