The Beauty Blogger Award.

I was scrolling through my notifications yesterday afternoon and had the most amazing surprise that K.M Sutton, the blogger of Ankhor You had nominated me for the beauty blogger award. How great is that! I love tags like this, they are just another example of how kind the blogging community is.

Like I said before I was nominated by K.M Sutton, it means a lot that she has nominated me because how beautiful her blog is! She writes about everything and more, it is a documentation of her exciting life and travels, you should definitely check it out if you are into reading amazing content.

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With out further a do, lets get into the rules;

~ Name the blogger who nominated you.

~ Answer the questions given to you.

~ Nominate your own bloggers.

~ Write 10 questions for your nominees.

~ Make sure they know about their nomination.


The questions I was given + my answers!

~ Red or nude lip colour?

Nude all the way, I thought it just suits my girly style more, and the fact red anywhere on my face looks like I’ve just had a horrific nose bleed.

~ What city do you relate to most in terms of style?

Definitely France, I think the women there are so elegant and come across care free. In France style is so versatile, all the outfits could be worn to go down to the local bakery and then to a party. For someone who hates being late to events this is great.


~ What is your favorite fashion splurge purchase?

I am literally broke and when I mean that I am not exaggerating so for me it would probably be my lovely winter coat from Topshop. Which I literally wear everywhere, so it was well worth it, it is a grey wool coat.


~ What is one beauty tip you live by daily?

Lip balm, this probably sounds obvious but it is a must. I mean you can’t look or feel good if you have cracked, dry or bleeding lips right?

~ What is the one makeup product you can not live without?

I’m not sure if this counts but probably my eyelash curler, it makes such a difference to the volume of my mascara and now I can’t imagine using it. When ever a guy sees me using it they think I’m trying to gouge my eyes out.

~ Who is your Favorite Designer?

Kate Spade, I love how feminine and easy to wear all of her looks are, floral’s galore. HEAVEN.


~ Which do you prefer a face scrub or a cleanser and what brand do you use?

None, my skin doesn’t need it thankfully.

~ How has fashion influenced your life?

Immensely, every day creating a new outfit is so exciting, it is another way of expressing yourself. Fashion can make you a completely different person, but on the other hand fashion destroys my life. The countless hours I have stared into my wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear when I literally have hundreds of possible outfits. THE PAIN.

~ What is one fashion (it can be hair make-up or clothes) trend you regret?

Pink floral shorts and a bucket hat. Just no.

~ What is your skin care regiment like, what brands do you use and why?

Like I said before I don’t really use much on my face, but I always think it is crucial to use moisturiser and sun cream. I use simple ‘nourishing gentle moisturiser’ and this specific one includes SPF 15 so I don’t need to use two separate products.

Next…. the amazing bloggers I nominate;

My Questions to you;

1.What products do you use on your hair on a regular basis?

2.What are you two favourite bloggers/You Tubers?

3.What can you not leave the house without?

4.Who has changed/shaped your life the most?

5.Who is your fashion icon?

6.What is your favourite accessory?

7.What is your favourite thing about fashion?

8.Handbag or back pack?

9.Reading or Netflix?

  1. What blogging advice do you have?


All of the bloggers linked are great, you should definitely head over to their blogs for some great inspiration. To you bloggers, I really hope you take part in the tag and I want to thank you for such great posts, I love reading them.

From Fashion With Love xx



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