Whats on my phone?

As a modern day being the truth is my life is on my phone, it’s a way I talk to my nearest and dearest that aren’t so near to me, it’s how I keep up with the world, see the latest fashion trends and of course take photos! I enjoy sharing my life here on the blog and I thought it was time to introduce you to my phone…


So as you can see I have gone all out and done a quick flat lay shot… I know cheeky. Anyhoo, my phone is the IPhone 6 which I have had for just under a year. I love this phone, having an iPhone really allows you to do so much more than other phones (from my experience), but if you need ALOT of memory I wouldn’t go for this phone as it doesn’t hold much at all. This unfortunately leads me to deleting a lot of cherished to pictures which is VERY annoying. But wrapped around my phone is the classic marble case, I was given this as a present from my brother but I think this is the link and it’s only around £7.

Front Screen

As you can see my front page is a little bare, but I think it is quite similar to literally everyone’s in the world. Simply full of the apps that eat up your data and aren’t allowed to delete YAY. I think it is quite self explanatory but in the health folder I have my good reads app which is really helpful, as it is constantly giving me new recommendations.

2nd page

This page is a little more interesting hopefully:

1.The first app is Instasquarer, I actually don’t use this for instagram because of the new update. I mainly us this app to create clean white backgrounds for my phone.

2.Then I have Pinterest which I just am absolutely am addicted to, it is such a great and creative app which is always providing me with inspiration or ideas, my account is Fashion with Love | Fashion.

3.Mematic is a bit of a weird app, I don’t really use this as much, but it is helpful if you want to put large writing onto pictures. When I use this it is mainly just for a few laughs with friends.

4.Next I have YouTube which I am glued to I love watching all the videos people create, I like being able to choose from so many videos, at the moment my favourites are MrBrentRivera and Mylifeaseva.

5.Wordreference is one of the most used apps, this app is great for quick one word translations. I use this in my languages classes and for when I am contacting my French exchange partner. I definitely recommend it to anyone learning any language as Google Translate is just never right.

6.Then we have Buzzfeed which I use to keep up on the world, because it reports the news in a quick snappy way whilst giving me all the information. This app is great because it always writes about funny happenings and life. Must have.

7. VSCO cam is the only app I use to edit photos, it is just perfect. For my personal taste in editing it is great and you just cannot go wrong with it. There are many many filters and edits that you can create so many different effects and it’s FREE.

8. Piccollage, honestly I don’t know why or how this is on my phone. Let’s just ignore it whilst I delete it.

9.Vogue runway is an app anyone that enjoys fashion must have. I keep up with all of the latest shows through this app by scrolling through the pictures. The app also gives me inspiration for my blog and fashion designs.

10. Instagram/Snapchat, not much to say, just addicted.

11. Spotify, this is the only app I use to listen to music, it holds so many songs and just generally can’t say anything bad about it.


Leave me a comment to tell me what your favourite app is and what you think of this post! I just want to take a sec to say how grateful for all my followers I love supporting you all and seeing what you all write about.

Love From Fashion With Love (FFWL)



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