My Favourite Vogue Cover: Rose Hat, February 1992

Last week I went to the Vogue 100 exhibition and was marvelled by all of the gorgeous covers and history. But I had to choose a favourite and it wasn’t hard at all, British Vogue’s February 1992 cover. This cover is absolutely breath taking and stood out fantastically compared to all the other covers, with its clean, fresh and mature style.

Chirsty Turlington looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous in this picture and we can’t even see her face! This cover is so seductive and leaves everything to the imagination, it shows nudity in a classy and elegant way by leading all the attention to the incredible head gear.The rose hat is so intricate, imagine someone wearing this down the street! I have bought this print for £20, at the exhibition and now sits pride of place in bedroom.

What is  your favourite cover? and have you been to see the exhibition?

From Fashion With Love xoxo


3 Replies to “My Favourite Vogue Cover: Rose Hat, February 1992”

  1. I’m so happy to read your comment as I made the hat. Actually it was on an inside page and not the cover. It was one of the last things I made before giving up the millinery business and becoming a teacher. It was quite moving to see it in the exhibition after 24 years.
    Thank you

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