Vogue 100 Exhibition

I am very happy girl today, all of my fashion needs have been fulfilled, if possible more than filled. Vogue 100. The exhibition to fulfil any fashion lovers wishes. It is a fantastic show of all of the magazines wonders all the way from 1916, right in the midst of ww1. For 100 years Vogue has been an escape for men and women all around the world and in times or grief a shinning light. Right, okay I’m rambling let’s get on with my great day.


Of course, the centre of all London. Do love to have a cup of tea after a crowded train journey.


My favourite parts on Londineum are the little side streets, you can always find good book shops and thrift stores.


Tubes are one of the most icon images of England. Eww though, in reality they are actually so gross! LOL

IMG_0449The inner bookworm came out in me when I saw a Waterstones, so I decided to rummage around for Grimm Tales books and sit at a kids table and read them. Totally normal right?




Trafalger Square in a little bit more of a better quality.


Inside the Vogue Audrey Hepburn book, can’t get any happier. I really recommend this book to anyone who also sees Hepburn as a style icon. It is full of iconic and not so iconic photos of the queen.


You are able to buy some beautiful prints of past covers, the price ranges from anything from £20. Of course as the cheapo that I am I went for a £20 one. But I bought my favourite ever cover. So expect an upcoming post on that!


May have got told of by the security guard for taking this. I’m sorry! This is in the second hall, for modern times. UGH such stunning photography.

If you get the chance I really recommend visiting this exhibition, you can really spend as much time in this exhibition as you want and there are such a wide range of people. The only thing I have to nit pick is that the layout is pretty awful, I kept hearing people going

         Are we going the right way? No Marion we are not! Okay Judith calm down.

But if you stick to the guide you will be all good, the photography is just jaw-dropping and there were so many covers which I had never seen before. My favourite bits of the exhibition were;

Numero uno: The first ever vogue edition, it literally is a hard back book.

Numero dos: It is perfect for everyone, people just interested in fashion, the journalistic side (me), photographers, artists, grannies for an evening out, guys taking a girl out for a date and trying to sound cultured.

Numero Tres: Okay, what else could you expect from me really, it is a very good shop. Deffo visit it even if you aren’t going to the exhibition.

I hope this has persuaded you to go and see the exhibition, tell me what exhibition I should go and see next.

From Fashion With Love xoxo


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